Goodberry Games

We are a cozy rpg game studio based out of Seattle. We write rpgs about pirates and magical girls and everything in between.
As an action, you can eat a goodberry. Eating a goodberry restores all your hit points, and provides enough nourishment to sustain you for the day.


Equipped with only your camera, hike across the pacific northwest in search of the rarest cryptids.

Catch a good photo of a cryptid, and they'll follow you! But don't get too close: at night, they wildly attack anyone and everything around them, both friend and foe alike!



The world has been sundered by the great cataclysm, reducing the environment to sand and silt and dust. How will we grow enough food to sustain our colony of survivors?

Don't lose hope just yet! With advances in "guerilla gardening," we can rapidly grow a seed into a fruitful harvest in just a day!! And it's totally safe! long as you don't lose your farm (or your farmers) to the endless waves of gigantic bugs.

Hero Tactics

Hero Tactics

A love letter to oldschool tactics rpgs.

Lead your motley party of heroes through a series of micro tactics battles. Each enemy encounter plays out like a puzzle. But if you can solve it, you'll recruit more heroes, learn new skills, and vanquish evil!

Plush Plush Parade

.。*゚+.* Cute cosplay! Cute plushies! Cute... kaiju? *.+*゚。.

Play as a magical girl and team up with others to take down rampaging monsters in this tactical RPG! Use the power of magic and your magical tools of stitching, seaming, and sewing to transform these giant beasts back into their adorable mascot plushie forms. These super-cute critters will then bestow you with their powers- the powers of cosplay!

Leviathan Dawn

Leviathan Dawn

A young girl out on the open sea, fishing for a leviathan.

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Work with Us

We aim to be a warm and cozy place, a place to create art you believe in with people you trust. Somewhere you can have ownership over your work and camaraderie with your team. We want to develop not only our games but ourselves. We want to be a stable and sustainable studio, operating for more than just a single game.

Open Positions

Character Concept Artist
Full Time | Seattle | Hybrid | Posted March 18, 2024